Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just some cute pics!!

I'm almost caught up with all our pics....HOORAY!!! I really need to do this more often so I don't have to post six months worth of pics at once!! Here are some random pics that don't warrant a whole post by themselves, but that are cute none the less!! :O)

Pa and Riet came over labor day weekend, and I couldn't resist taking this adorable picture! She loves grandpa!!!

This was just a day at the park, but I had fun taking pics of my kiddos. Don't you just love Allies crazy hair!! She's got it goin on in the front, with nothin in the back!!!! :) It almost looks like a hairpiece!!

Speaking of hair, I'm lovin doing Emily's hair lately. The hair that she cut is finally growing out so I can do it again! Emily loves having her hair done, although she's not the happiest camper while it's being done! We're growing out her bangs, and I think she looks adorable! She's getting so big!

Hooray for pigtails!!!

Allie was 5 1/2 months when she started sitting up! This was the first time that she actually did it. We put pillows all around her so she wouldn't hurt herself too badly when she fell, which worked out well! I can't believe she's already sitting up....crazy!!

Alright!!! I think we're all caught up!!! Yippeee!!

First Day of School

August 16th was Jonathans first day of kindergarten. My how time flies!!! Jonathan is such a sweet fun boy, and I knew he would do great! He is a bit shy, but thankfully he met a friend the first day that loved the wii as much as he does! :)

Quite a few kids had a hard time the first day, but Jonathan did really well. He wanted me to sit next to him for a minute, but then he was fine. Their first day was just an orientation day. Families were welcome to come and stay the whole day while the kids got comfortable with their surroundings. Emily was so sad when we had to leave Jona! She kept asking when we were going to see him. She sure loves her big brother!!

The dentist!!

In July we finally took our kids to see the dentist! Poor Jonathan was five and hadn't seen the dentist yet, so I figured it was time. I was worried about how the kids would react, but they did just fine! It helped that the lady that cleaned their teeth was super nice....annoyingly super, I almost couldn't handle it nice. But it helped the kids, so it was ok. She explained to them what she was going to do, and how it was going to feel. It seemed to really help. They also had tv screens in the ceiling so the kids were distracted. Both the kids did fabulous and we had no cavities!!! Yahoo!!

I love my Jona!!

How could you not smile when you look at this face?? I mean really????

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jonathan is FIVE!!!!

On June 30th Jonathan turned 5 years old! We've decided to only do a big party every other year, so we told Jona that he could pick one friend to take to Chuck E Cheese for his birthday. He picked his friend Nathan from church, and they had a great time! Nathan gave Jonathan a nerf gun that Jona LOVED!!

That evening we had a family party. Jonathan loves Super Mario Bro. so I thought I'd try to make my own Mario Bros. cake. As usual, it didn't turn out exactly like I'd expected, but I was pretty proud of myself! We had such a great time having all the family over for cake and ice cream (and of course the night couldn't be complete without playing some computer with the cousins!!)

Jonathan, we love you so much! You are such a sweet, loving boy. I love that you are such a good big brother to your two little sisters! You are so willing to share with Emily, and I love that you always want to hold Allie. You are such a good friend to everyone you meet. I love waking up in the morning to see your smiling face! You are such a happy kid!! Thank you for being such a good example to your sisters. I love you my Jona boy!!!!!

Fathers Day

For fathers day this year, Jacki and I got the kids together for a cute picture for Grandpa. It ended up being a little more difficult than we'd expected! Getting 6 kids to all look at you and smile at the same time was interesting!! But it turned out cute!

We also ended up doing the same thing for Trevor. Next time we do it I'll do it a little differently, but it worked for this year!! :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Emily is THREE!!!

On April 19th, Emily turned three!! I can't believe she's getting so big! We had a small family party for her on her birthday. She loves barbies and princesses! Her favorite princess is Belle from Beauty and the Beast, so I thought I'd get creative and make her a princess cake. It didn't turn out exactly like I'd planned, but she loved it, and that's all that matters! :)

Emily got a new scooter, and Uncle Tony was nice enough to help her put it together. She loves that scooter!!

This is what happened to Belle after she escaped the cake!! Safety first man, Safety first!!!!!

We sure love you Emily!! You are such a fun little girl! I love that you love to dance!! It doesn't matter the type of music, you bust a groove, and I love it! You're such a happy girl! You have the cutest dimple, and love to show it off with your super cheesy grins! They make mommy smile!! I think it's adorable that skittles to you are 'spadiddles'! I love that you're such a big helper! You love to help me empty the dishwasher and make dinner, and you run to get baby Allie a diaper without me even asking. You are such a good big sister to Allie, and you love your big brother Jona. I am so thankful that Heavenly Father sent you into my home. I could not imagine going a day without your sweet little spirit in my life! I love you Emily!!